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How to Make Vanilla Extract

Delicious homemade vanilla extract recipe with just two ingredients! You can learn how to make vanilla extract at home -- save money and add so much amazing flavor to your baked goods.  Plus, it's perfect for gifts!

Once you start making your own vanilla, you'll never go back to store-bought.  It's so easy and SO good!

How to Make Vanilla Extract in 6 Steps

01 Gather ingredients and tools

02 Slice vanilla beans

03 Add in your spirit

04 Wait for your vanilla to infuse

05 Enjoy!

06 Replenish spirit as needed!

Slice your vanilla bean pods lengthwise


This step allows the vanilla beans to be extracted more easily. Also cut the bean pods crosswise if needed for them to submerge in the alcohol.

Add in your alcohol


Make sure it covers your vanilla beans. Shake it well and place it in a cool place.

Now we wait!


Shake the container regularly. Your vanilla extract should be ready in 3-6 months. The longer it sits, the better it'll taste.

Add to your favorite recipes!


Use the same way you'd use store-bought vanilla extract! The vanilla flavor will be incredible!

Replenish alcohol as needed


Add in alcohol as you use the vanilla extract. After a year, replace the beans with new ones and keep going!