Quirky Baking Gifts for the Bakers on your List

Quirky Baking Gifts for the Bakers on your List

This post compiles my 2021 list of all my favorite fun and quirky baking gifts — gifts for cookie bakers, gifts for cake makers, personalized baking dish sets, the best baking gifts for Mom, cake baking gifts — everything you want for your shopping list this year! For more gift ideas, check out my 2020 favorite foodie gifts list and my Shop page for all your kitchen basics!

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Best Gifts for Bakers 2021

It’s no secret around here that the holidays are my favorite. I love gift shopping, watching Christmas movies, and of course, all the awesome cooking and baking that comes with the season. This list is just a taste of some of the quirky baking gifts that really get me in the spirit. In it, I try to include a range of price points and interests, and gifts that are functional as well as fun! I hope you enjoy, and most of all I hope you have a fun, safe, and delicious holiday season!

1. “The Giving Plate,” Set of 3

When a friend of ours brought one of these plates to a Christmas celebration a few years back, it instantly became one of my favorite things! Each of these three melamine plates is printed with a poem:

This plate shall have no owner

For its journey never ends.

It travels in a circle

Of our family and friends.

It carries love from home to home

For everyone to share.

The food that’s placed upon it

Was made with love and care.

So please enjoy what’s on the plate

Then fill it up again.

Then pass along the love it holds

To your family and friends.

A simple gesture that is truly emblematic of the love and joy of the holiday season. As someone who shares affection through baking, these plates are really very moving in their simplicity and earnestness. Two things we need more of this season. Best of all, they’re very affordable gifts, and you can even write each cook’s name and the date in permanent marker on the back of the plate to track its journey!

2. Countertop Citrus Juicer

Anyone who loves baking and cooking with citrus, making cocktails, or just having fresh citrus juice in the morning — you NEED this! It’s beautiful on your counter, easy to use and clean, works great!

3. Whisk Charm Earrings

whisk earrings - image of quirky baking gifts idea

If you’ve got a friend who wears their love for baking on their sleeve, then why not on their ears? These super cute dangly whisk earrings are the perfect accessory for the stylish baker!

4. Russian Doll Measuring Cups

If your baker loved one is always misplacing measuring cups, or has a drawer full of disorganized measuring cups, this is the gift for them (or for you)! They come in 6 standard dry measure sizes, and they fit inside each other perfectly so they can sit neatly on the counter or in the cabinet!

5. “Leftovers Are For Quitters” Oven Mitt

Truly words to live by… This hilarious oven mitt is perfect for those who know how to commit to a meal!

7. “I Can’t I Have Cookies to Bake” T-Shirt

No list of quirky baking gifts is complete without a fun tee! This is the perfect t-shirt for everyone who wants everyone to know that they have their priorities in order! Comes in lots of sizes and colors so it works for everyone!

8. Nordic Ware Squared Bundt Cake Pan

I love my Nordic Ware Elegant Party Bundt pan, but this uniquely shaped pan is tempting me to get another one! It’s the amazing quality that Nordic Ware Bundt pans all have, but in a cool angled shape that will have everyone talking!

9. FRIENDS “Cookie Time” Replica Cookie Jar

This one’s for all my Friends fans! Remember that cookie jar that was always in the background in Monica and Rachel’s kitchen? This replica is so cute and perfect for holding all your best cookie creations!

10. Nordic Ware Cookie Stamp Set

These cookie stamps are an easy way to get creative and make gorgeous cookies, without too much effort! The baker in your life will love them!

11. “That Ain’t Burnt — That’s Flavor” Denim Apron

denim apron - image of quirky baking gifts idea

Perfect for the cook, baker, or grillmaster whose creations sometimes come out… well done. High-quality denim is an ideal unisex style!

12. The Original Edge Brownie Pan

For those of us who love the brownie edge pieces the most! This pan makes sure that every piece has those crispy edges, and fits most recipes designed for 9×9 pans — try it with these Chocolate Walnut Brownies!

13. Rainbow Titanium-Coated Measuring Cups and Spoons

rainbow measuring tools - image of quirky baking gifts idea

I love sets of matching measuring cups and spoons, and this one is so fun! The rainbow titanium coating is so gorgeous, and they’re a beautiful sleek design.

14. “Nobody Likes a Soggy Bottom” Sweatshirt

This one’s for the British Bake Off fans! It’s a retro-style sweatshirt that warns everyone of the dangers of a soggy bottom! Keep the baker in your life cozy in this fun and silly sweatshirt!

15. Handmade Wooden Trivets – Set of 2

Trivets are often overlooked, but they’re so necessary! This beautiful set protects your kitchen surfaces while adding a gorgeous accent to your countertops.

16. Beehive Crystal Honey Jar

Gift a touch of simple elegance with this stunning crystal honey jar with dipper! It’s perfect for those who use honey in baking, or just like to add a drizzle of it to their finished creations!

17. Adjustable Cookbook or Tablet Holder

image of quirky baking gifts idea

This is a MUST for busy baking days! Every baker will appreciate the ability to see their recipe quickly and easily while they’re working, and this stand is adjustable so that the recipe can be displayed at the perfect angle!

18. “Fold in the Cheese” Flour Sack Towel

image of quirky baking gifts idea

If you or your loved one is a fan of Schitt’s Creek, you’ll immediately get why this is hilarious! This flour sack towel is the perfect reference to such a funny scene in that show that would be a great gift for anyone!

19. Magnetic Spice Rack with Paper Towel Holder

One major concern for folks who cook and bake a lot is kitchen storage and organization — there are always so many spices, seasonings, and sprinkles that sometimes it’a tough to keep clutter at bay. This magnetic spice rack accommodates up to 45 pounds and includes paper towel rods and hooks — plus it sticks to your fridge, saving so much precious counter space!

20. Sweet Summertime: Bright, Seasonal Recipes from Chenée Today

summer desserts cookbook

Finishing off the list with a definite must-have! Even if it’s holiday time now, it’ll be summer before you know it, and there’s no better gift for a baking fan than a book of sweet recipes! Sweet Summertime is my first cookbook and I’m so excited to share these incredible recipes, baking tips, and guides to help your creations come out perfectly. It’s available in instant download e-book format, or as a paperback available through Amazon Prime!

If you like these quirky baking gifts and accessories, check out my Foodie Gifts Guide and my Kitchen and Baking Tools guide!


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