My Favorite Kitchen & Baking Tools

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Do you ever run into uneven baking? Cakes sticking to pans? Cookies that spread too much? Butter stuck to the sides of your mixer bowl? Maybe your baking takes longer than expected to finish. Or you have a hard time getting the exact right amount of flour using the spoon-and-level method. I’ve been there! As I’ve been baking more and more the past few years, I’ve gathered a lot of truly useful tools to make the process easier and ensure great results.

Sometimes the right baking tools make the biggest difference in taking your baking from pretty good to unbelievable! So I wanted to share these products with you so that you can have the chance to make your baking and cooking the best it can be! Just click on each image below to check out the product!

My favorite Amazon finds

The items below are tools that I love that are only found on Amazon — click the image to check them out!

Magnetic Spice Jar & Labels Set

If you have limited space in your kitchen like me, these are a must! It’s so great having spices clearly visible on the side of the fridge, without having to dig in cupboards or take up counter space. PLUS they come with labels for any herb or spice you might need them for.

Fox Run Tart Pan with Removable Bottom

Similar to the pie pan below, this tart pan makes elegant tarts and quiches and is even easier to use than a traditional pie pan!

Tosnail 9-inch Nonstick Pie Pan with Removable Bottom

I got this pie pan after seeing the Alton Brown Apple Pie Recipe. I love the idea of a pie pan that lets you remove the whole pie easily, to make slicing and serving easier!

Fullstar Mandoline Slicer

I use this slicer for so much! It has two thin slicing settings, plus grating, ribbon cutting, and spiraling! And it comes with a container to catch the veggie slices and a safety glove.

Fox Run Round Cooling Rack

An elegant way to cool and display cakes, cookies, and all sorts of goodies!

I hope you love these products and tools! Check back soon because I’ll be updating this list with all my newest favorite baking gadgets and kitchen essentials.