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Hey! I’m Chenée (pronounced shuh-NAY). I live and work in Chicago, Illinois, I’m a lawyer by profession and an art studio manager, and I love to share the results from all my cooking and baking experiments! My love for food comes from my family and our culinary traditions, and I believe that sharing a recipe can bring anyone together.

Chenée Today was born because I am certain that anyone can boost their confidence in the kitchen and achieve amazing results without tons of time and effort! So my goal is to share delicious recipes, cooking and baking tips, and fun DIY projects and how-tos to make your kitchen life better! I posted my first recipe during Thanksgiving weekend 2019, and it’s been so much fun ever since!

Stay tuned to CheneeToday.com for recipes that are easy to follow, impressive on your table, and most of all — absolutely delicious! I also love creative household projects that can help you save money and time. Get in touch with me to share your feedback, and let me know what types of recipes you love to make.

Enjoy, thanks for reading, and happy baking!

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