5-Ingredient No-Churn Cinnamon Peach Sorbet

5-Ingredient No-Churn Cinnamon Peach Sorbet

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Last Updated on August 19, 2020 by Chenée Lewis

August is going by quickly, so now is the time to savor every day that summer has left! I’m doing just that with this incredibly easy peach sorbet! If you like the texture of fruit sorbet, but the flavors of your favorite decadent peach dessert like peach cobbler and peach pie, you’ll LOVE this sorbet!

This simple no-churn peach sorbet is brightened up with lemon juice and sweetened with honey (or agave nectar, or coconut sugar — your choice!). Then, we’re adding the warmth of cinnamon and vanilla to give this sorbet recipe a hint of those indulgent desserts you love! The vanilla and cinnamon make this peach sorbet absolutely amazing! The flavors work so well together to create a sweet, satisfying treat.

Easy Peach Sorbet Recipe

Best of all, this cinnamon peach sorbet is so easy! It’s a no-churn recipe, so you won’t need an ice cream maker. You’ll only need a blender to purée the ingredients together and a freezer-safe container to let your sorbet freeze until it’s ready!

Plus, you only need 5 ingredients! You start with frozen peaches, so you won’t need to worry about catching fruit while it’s ripe, and no peeling or slicing is necessary! And the rest of your ingredients are probably already in your kitchen right now! Pick up a bag of frozen peaches and give this easy peach sorbet a shot today!

5-Ingredient Cinnamon Peach Sorbet Recipe | Chenée Today


I’m serious — there are only 5 ingredients in this no-churn peach sorbet recipe!

  • frozen peaches – you can peel and slice ripe peaches and freeze them until they’re solid, but the easiest option is just to pick up a one-pound bag of frozen peaches! This recipe calls for a pound of frozen peaches, so you’ll literally be able to dump your peaches straight into the blender!
  • honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup or agave nectar – I used honey, but you can use the sweetener of your preference! I love that this recipe doesn’t have any refined sugars but is still so delicious and decadent. While you can choose the unrefined sweetener that you like, you’re better off using a sweetener that does have a sugar content like honey, agave nectar, maple syrup, or coconut sugar. If you use a non-caloric sweetener it might affect the texture of the sorbet.
  • lemon juice – this adds a bit of brightness and brings out the tartness of the peaches. It adds so much flavor!
  • cinnamon – adds a little spice that works so well with the taste of the peaches.
  • pure vanilla extract – gives the sorbet a little warmth and makes it taste truly indulgent!


You don’t need any weird equipment for this peach sorbet recipe! And especially NO ice cream maker! I used a Nutribullet blender to whip up the sorbet, but you can use any brand of ice-crushing blender that you have.

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5-Ingredient Cinnamon Peach Sorbet Recipe | Chenée Today

5-Ingredient Cinnamon Peach Sorbet

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How to make an easy peach sorbet with cinnamon, lemon, and vanilla and NO ice cream maker. This no-churn homemade fruit sorbet recipe is dairy free, vegan, and refined sugar free!
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Freezer Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 3 hours 10 minutes
Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine :American, French, Italian
Servings: 4 servings
Recipe Source: Chenée Lewis



  • Blend all ingredients using an ice-crushing blender until smooth.
  • Freeze at least 3 hours or until firm.
  • Allow to sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes before serving.


Peaches: You can use fresh peaches for this sorbet as well — just peel and slice them and freeze solid before adding to recipe.
Sweetener: Feel free to use whatever sweetener you prefer but it should have some sugar content — sugar is what gives the sorbet its soft texture.
Nutrition Disclaimer
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5-Ingredient Cinnamon Peach Sorbet Recipe | Chenée Today

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